Electrician Surrey Hills

Most people take pride in their homes and the surrounding landscape. Gardens, flowers, bushes, and trees all add a nice touch when trying to spruce up the yard. Trees however can become a safety issue when it comes to power lines and the electricity running through them. Electrician Surrey Hills recommend several steps to take to prevent trees and branches from becoming an Electrician Surrey Hills problem.

Trees that are growing close to power lines can cause power outages, fires, and affect personal safety. It’s great that homeowners want to take the initiative and trim tree branches and foliage away from power lines before they cause a problem, but they should always put their personal safety first.

Electrician Surrey Hills recommend homeowners to take a step back and look upwards before beginning any trimming. If any part of the tree is touching or is close to touching a power line, the homeowner should put their tools away and call an expert to do the job.

Always think ahead before buying and planting any new shrubbery or trees under or near power lines. Electrician Surrey Hills advise the homeowner to contact their electricity distribution company for a list of suitable shrubs and trees to plant. Shrubs and trees on the Electrician Surrey Hills list will be low growing species.

Homeowners themselves may not be responsible for trimming trees growing near or under a power line. An Electrician Surrey Hills should know who is responsible. If not, then the homeowner should call their electricity distribution company or local council.

Electrician Surrey Hills know this is not always the case, but homeowners should use their common sense before trimming any trees near a power line. Avoid this kind of work on a windy or stormy day and only do the trimming during the daylight when there are no shadows and there is proper lighting. Electrician Surrey Hills recommend trimming tree branches before they get to within on meter of the power lines.

If the trees in question are touching or are close to touching a power line, Electrician Surrey Hills will tell the homeowner to contact a licensed power line pruning contractor. Licensed power line pruning contractors have the proper equipment and training to do the job in a safe way. An Electrician Surrey Hills or the local electricity distribution center can provide a list of licensed power line pruning contractors.

Accidents and deaths involving electricity include more than just tree trimming. Any Electrician Surrey Hills will say that most of these accidents and deaths are preventable. Follow the simple rule of always look up before you work or play.

When using tall machinery always be mindful of power lines. Cranes and augers are easily tall enough to come into contact with power lines sending a surge of electricity through the operator. Electricians also recommend power line safety for kids and hobbyists. All Electrician Surrey Hills know it only takes a brief contact with a power line to stop someone dead in their tracks.

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