Electrician St Kilda

Certain things happen in the world of electricity that we as consumers have no control over. Power outages and falling trees, though not common, affect our electricity supply. As a consumer you should know what to do in an Electrician St. Kilda emergency.

If the Electrician St. Kilda emergency is life threatening, do not hesitate to call the police at 000. They are trained to handle life threatening situations. If the power goes out call your local electricity distribution center and for minor Electrician St. Kilda emergencies call a registered electrical contractor.

Storms are a prime cause in power failures. Sometimes our power lines are no match for strong gusts of wind. Other times a car accident involving power poles knock out the power causing a headache for the rest of us.

If you’re experiencing an Electrician St. Kilda emergency, where the power goes out, there are a few things you can do at home to ensure your personal and household safety. Turn off all your heating and cooling appliances like stoves, irons, and air conditioners. Make your way around the house unplugging all electrical equipment like TV’s and computers. Be careful if you use candles for lighting, this isn’t recommended because they could be knocked over and start a fire adding to your Electrician St. Kilda emergency.

Before the power goes out, place torches in easy to get to and remember places and check the batteries often to make sure they are still working. Keep extra batteries on hand and invest in a battery powered radio so you can get frequent updates on the Electrician St. Kilda emergency power outage.

If a fallen tree is the culprit of your Electrician St. Kilda power outage, be extremely careful. Do not touch the tree. Wood makes an excellent conductor of electricity and all it takes is a tiny branch touching the live power lines to send electricity through the tree and then you. Call the Electrician St. Kilda electricity company immediately.

Follow these safety guidelines when dealing with a downed tree on a power line during an Electrician St. Kilda emergency. If you’ve already called the Electrician St. Kilda electricity distribution company then stay away from the tree and power lines and alert those around you to the situation. If you must walk near the downed Electrician ST. Kilda power lines, be very vigilant about dangling wires and steer clear of puddles, metal fences, vehicles, and other conductors of electricity. If the downed line falls across a public place such as a roadway, let the police handle the situation after their arrival.

Electrical shocks are another type of Electrician St. Kilda emergency. If someone has been shocked and there is no danger to you, switch off the power and unplug the offending appliance. If you can not turn off the power, use heavy duty insulating gloves or something made from rubber to free the person being shocked. Never directly touch the person who has been shocked until the electric current has been shut off. Always call for help as fast as possible and try to resuscitate the person only if you are trained to do so.

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