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Ever heard of an electrical receptacle? Chances are your answer is “no”. They are all around your home, there are many varieties of them and they are used for many different purposes. Still no idea? Well, it is a good thing electrician Murrumbeena knows a lot about electrical receptacles. There are four types of electrical receptacles in most homes. Standard receptacles, ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles, electric range receptacles and electric dryer receptacles. “What do they do?”, I hear you ask. An electrician Murrumbeena will tell you they are the difference between life and death every day in his job and he would be right.

Let’s start with the standard receptacle. Without doubt, it’s the most common of all electrical receptacles in any home. An electrician Murrumbeena would find them in bedrooms, living rooms and home offices. They can be used to plug in all the equipment and appliances needed to run the average family household. Electricity for your televisions, DVD players, computers, lamps are all fed by standard receptacles. It is likely an electrician Murrumbeena would install grounded three prong outlets in newer homes these days, but two prong outlets do just as good a job in the older homes that have them. Standard receptacles supply 120 volts of electricity.

When it comes to wet areas like bathrooms and laundries, electrician Murrumbeena would hope to find ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles. These receptacles are used for safety purposes in areas where water is likely, so they are commonly used for any outdoor electrics as well. Electrician Murrumbeena would identify the ground fault circuit interrupter receptacles by their buttons, which are used for testing or resetting purposes. Importantly for electrician Murrumbeena they have built-in circuit breakers. The circuit breakers save the lives of those who accidently come in contact with the receptacle while standing in water. Due to their life saving capacity, it is vital to have electrician Murrumbeena test them annually to ensure they are in good working order.

The third type of electrical receptacle is known as an electric range receptacle. As the name suggests, these receptacles provide for the electrical requirements of ranges, stoves and large microwave ovens. Due to the high workload of these appliances, they must have their own kind of electric receptacle and their own circuit breaker for safety. Many older homes do not have electric range receptacles so electrician Murrumbeena would always check before attempting any electrical repairs in an older kitchen.

Any home with an electric dryer should also have an electric dryer receptacle. Once again, it is vital that electrician Murrumbeena check older homes have one installed. A specialized electrical receptacle is needed to power an electric dryer. Just like the range receptacles, these outlets are larger than a standard receptacle and are designed to be recognised by electrical experts like an electrician Murrumbeena with a different plug prong configuration. Older electric dryer receptacles were designed with three pins, but the newer version now has four pins. These pins provide both a 120 volt line and a 240 volt line.

As the different receptacles all have different wiring needs, it is recommended that an electrician Murrumbeena is bought in for any receptacle installations and repairs.

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