Electrician Mont Albert

Electrician Mont Albert consumers should know a thing or two about what to look for in an electrician before hiring one and spending their hard earned money on any electrical project. Only hire a registered electrical contractor. Registered contractors are not only fully qualified but have met all the Electrician Mont Albert requirements to conduct and charge a fee for electrical work. They have the capability to not only diagnose electrical problems but to fix them as well. This can save you time and money.

Always ask to see the license of the Electrician Mont Albert. This is a guarantee that the person you have hired has the proper training and knows what they are doing. It also serves as a safety net in case something goes wrong during or after the job. A respectable Electrician Mont Albert will have the proper license and certificates handy and will be willing to show them to you usually without being asked.

All Electrician Mont Albert who are registered or licensed with the ESV will have a certificate of electrical safety. The ESV is the Energy Safety Victoria. The purpose of the ESV is to ensure the safe supply and use of electricity. The ESV has high standards and only gives certificates of electrical safety to qualified licensed Electrician Mont Albert.

As the homeowner, you will receive a prescribed certificate for all major electrical wiring work on your home. A prescribed certificate covers all major wiring work where the Electrician Mont Albert can not shut off the electricity. This can include wiring from the street to your house or the electricity meter and work on wires up to the switchboard. Only licensed inspectors have the authority to inspect prescribed certificate work.

Non- prescribed certificates are also issued by Electrician Mont Albert. The non-prescribed certificate is given for all wiring work on all premises. Homeowners will be issued this certificate by an Electrician Mont Albert for all wiring work done where the electricity can be shut off at the switchboard. Installation or maintenance of non-plug in electrical equipment, lighting points, power points, safety switches, and circuit breakers all fall within the guidelines for a non-prescribed certificate if the work is done within your home. Licensed electrical inspectors are not required to inspect this type of work.

If you have any problems with the Electrician Mont Albert contact the ESV. Don’t wait too long or the problem may get bigger. If the Electrician Mont Albert does not show you their license or safety certificate or fails to give you a prescribed or non-prescribed certificate, you should also contact the ESV.

You can contact the ESV to report any Electrician Mont Albert problems through their website, by phone, fax, or in person at one of their branch offices. The ESV can give you advice on what to do next and sets the ball in motion to make sure the appropriate actions are taken against the electrician. By calling and reporting problems to the ESV you can save other homeowners the time and headache of dealing with an unprofessional or unlicensed electrician.

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