Electrician McKinnon

If you were to ask an electrician McKinnon which room of the house is the most neglected when it comes to electrical safety you might be surprised by the answer. Electrician McKinnon would probably say it is the family garage. Every year people are hurt in electrical accidents around the garage. Most are not fatal but almost all could have been avoided with a spring clean and a visit from electrician McKinnon.

Electrician McKinnon has seen the hazardous state of garage and storage areas in the home. People usually only think of electrical hazards as live cables dangling from the garage with sparks flying out of them, but electrician McKinnon knows the reality is far more subtle. A couple of wires sparking up against each other behind the garage wall could start a fire that you do not even see till it’s too late. Electrician McKinnon can advise on many ways to eliminate electrical risks and make the garage a safer environment, keeping you and your family protected.

If the garage light flickers even after you have changed the light bulb or the power point used to charge up the drill set feels hot to touch after a couple of hours charging, then the chances are there is an electrical fault needing the expertise of electrician McKinnon. It will be much more cost effective to pay for electrician McKinnon to do a quick maintenance repair on the garage electrics than do have to work for several days on a major electrical problem that could have been easily avoided if tackled when the early signs were there.

Electrical faults in the garage may also end up damaging your favorite handyman tools and again, could easily be avoided with the help of electrician McKinnon early. You can make the job easier by checking the ratings for electricity on your garage appliances and tools. If care is not taken when using them and the electrical extension cords you use with them, then you run the risk of a serious electrical problem. Be vigilant about checking extension cords regularly, especially the ones you use frequently. See what condition they are in before and after use. Damaged or split cords should be replaced before using them again. Electrical garage tools should also be monitored for damaged or split cords. If you are not confident about repairing them yourself, electrician McKinnon could assist you.

In a confined space like a garage, dirt and wood shaving build up quickly and settle on and in electrical outlets and this can be potentially dangerous. A quick clean out by electrician McKinnon would protect the electrical outlets to prevent this becoming a problem. A regular clean out of your garage or workshop will prevent dirt and dust building up and affecting the electrical current. It is also important to keep any electrical equipment dry at all times, whether in use or not.

A lot of common sense and a little practical advice and maintenance support from electrician McKinnon will ensure the much used family garage is a much safer place to work and play in.

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