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The debate over solar power has moved into the mainstream since ‘global warming’ became all the rage. Residential solar power systems are not just found in the homes of hippies. Solar technology is rapidly evolving to provide smaller, cost effective systems for the average family to now consider ‘going solar’. Not only is solar technology getting smaller, it is becoming increasingly efficient; so there is virtually no noticeable difference between using solar power over conventional power in the home or office.

Due to expanding demand for passive energy systems, trades people like electrician Elsternwick are embracing this source of technology. It is here to stay, so it is up to electrician Elsternwick to continue to develop expertise and skills in this area to service the many now wanting to install new solar systems. Being able to repair and maintain existing systems would also be required skills for electrician Elsternwick .

This does not mean that electrician Elsternwick must only read a little booklet on solar panels and then decided to boast expert status. There are specifically designed solar installer accreditation training courses for electricians to become solar system educated and skilled. There are high standards to be met before an electrician can call themselves skilled in the area. Electrician Elsternwick would need to prove he had completed such a course when asked for his accreditation papers. Only then can electrician Elsternwick claim expertise in installing the systems. The Australian government continues to keep a close eye on solar energy system installers to ensure this new area of the industry is reputable and truly knowledgeable.

If you are considering converting your home to solar power, the recommendation would be to engage a suitably qualified electrician such as electrician Elsternwick to inspect the current set up and advise the best way to go about the conversion with the least disruption. As part of initial discussions, electrician Elsternwick would explain how the electricity grid system will enable the home to still be powered conventionally when there is not enough sunlight to run the solar system. In other words, electrician Elsternwick would ensure you were not left in the dark.

When the solar system is installed, electrician Elsternwick would run wires and connectors into the bottom floor where power batteries are rigged to store all the back-up energy required to keep the home powered on rainy days. These batteries can store enough energy to run a standard home for a month without sunlight. So there is hope even during the bleakest winter once electrician Elsternwick has completed the installation.

To get the best out of a solar system, it is recommended that electrician Elsternwick perform half yearly maintenance inspections. Feel free to discuss how you feel the system is working. Electrician Elsternwick would offer his knowledge and advice on any issues.

The best thing about solar energy systems is that they do save money. So, while there are considerable upfront expenses, solar systems last for 30 years and with the amount of energy saved and sold on through the grid, you could have them paid for in around eight years. After that you are getting the electricity for free. Now that is something worth considering.

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