Electrician Box Hill

The National Electrical and Communications Association (NECA) is well known amongst Electrician Box Hill. NECA is run by a group of electrical contractors for electrical contractors. NECA plays a big role in advocating, educating, and generating more business for Electrician Box Hill.

Electrician Box Hill can apply for a membership to NECA by contacting their local NECA chapter and requesting an application or by downloading one off the internet. Members of NECA learn the right tools to save money, how to meet their business goals, stay informed of all changes, and are given many opportunities to further themselves and their business in the electrical industry.

Electrician Box Hill NECA members have the support of the entire group of electrical contractors who make up the NECA family. They receive industry advice and learn how to avoid mistakes that could end up costing them financially in the future. Health and safety resources are available to Electrician Box Hill NECA members, not only to protect themselves but to help protect consumers too.

Electrical companies that grow and succeed are the companies that are always learning new techniques and skills and are evolving their business practices to fit today’s needs. NECA offers a helping hand to its members by providing education and training and ways to improve the management of their companies. NECA members receive discounts on training which is another way NECA helps them to save money while making money.

Electrician Box Hill is also recognized by NECA for their outstanding work. The electrical industry recognizes the NECA Excellence Awards making them rather prestigious and highly coveted. Electrician Box Hill can also recognize their young apprentices through the NECA Apprentice Awards. These awards give apprentices the push they need to strive to become leaders in their industry.

NECA helps Electrician Box Hill save money by providing cost-saving benefits access to connections in business schemes and bulk-buying arrangements. NECA provided goods and services include Australian Standards, industry specific business stationary, discounted telephone and internet packages, discounted fuel, discounted vehicle purchases, reduce rates on contractor insurance, assistance with payment recovery, and legal services. All Electrician Box Hill can fully deduct the cost of their NECA memberships come tax time. This is always a favorite amongst contractors.

NECA is able to provide its Electrician Box Hill members with discounts on fuel through the NECAFLEET scheme. NECAFLEET is a preferential fuel purchasing scheme which gives Electrician Box Hill members a rebate on the card rate of petrol or on the pump price, which ever happens to be cheaper. The scheme also gives Electrician Box Hill members credit at outlets throughout the country.

Another perk for NECA members is the ability to take advantage of industry super funds. CONNECT was created for the communications and electrical industry and provides them with retirement plans as well as death and disability insurance. NESS was created to provide superannuation benefits for employees in the electrical and associated businesses in New South Wales. NESS also provides retirement benefits and disability insurance.

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