Electrician Bentleigh

Electricity is a lifeline for most people and most homes. Today we are all so used to walking into our dark homes after a long day of work and flipping on a light switch so the overhead lighting can light our way. Then we usually head to the fridge to grab a cold drink or something to eat and sit down in front of the TV or computer. Electrician Bentleigh will tell you that having electricity has become second nature to many of us. Because we have become so used to having electricity to help run our every day lives, we sometimes forget just how dangerous and even deadly it can be.

Contact your local Electrician Bentleigh for tips on how to protect yourself, your family, and your home from being shocked and electrocuted or even killed. Ask any Electrician Bentleigh and they will tell you that installing a safety switch in your home or on your property can be a life saver.

Electricity will flow through any source that acts as a conductor. Wood and water make excellent conductors as does your body. Any Electrician Bentleigh who has been shocked either minutely or severely can tell you that its not a good feeling and it’s scary. Electricity flowing through your body can stop your heart. If no one is around to resuscitate you, the electrical shock can result in death.

Electrician Bentleigh recommend safety switches in your homes and properties. The purpose of a safety switch is to monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. Electrician Bentleigh will tell you that safety switches monitor the flow of electricity to household appliances that your family uses every day.

How does a safety switch installed in your home prevent you from getting an electrical shock? According to Electrician Bentleigh, once the safety switch identifies a problem when the electrical current leaves the circuit, the power will shut off in 0.03 of a second. Those 0.03 are long enough to save your life, the life of an Electrician Bentleigh and prevent a fire.

What does an Electrician Bentleigh do if a fire does occur? If the fire is small enough they use a fire blanket or fire extinguisher to put out the fire. One thing that every Electrician Bentleigh knows is to never throw water on an electrical fire. As we all know, water conducts electricity and can lead to you being shocked. If an electrical appliance catches fire an Electrician Bentleigh will shut off the power and unplug the appliance. In case of a large fire, do what any Electrician Bentleigh would do and call for help by dialing 000.

If you or your electrician happen to catch fire remember the old adage, “stop, drop, and roll.” If the fire spreads quickly and the house is smoky, stay low to floor under the smoke and crawl to safety. It’s a good idea to have an escape plan in case of a fire especially if there are children living in your household. Practice the plan often.

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