Electrician Albert Park

For Electrician Albert Park, going green is catching on, not only with electricians themselves but with homeowners too. Going green is growing in popularity because more and more people are being educated about the environment. Kids are learning about green alternatives at school and every time a TV is turned on or newspaper is opened there seems to be an environmentally friendly story. Many people are choosing to lesson their individual and households impacts on the environment.

Energy efficiency measures are becoming stricter and either are already being incorporated into building codes and standards or are about to be. More Electrician Albert Park are going green because there is simply a greater demand for them.

Green Electrician Albert Park have completed special training in areas of energy efficiency. These areas generally cover efficient electrical installations, energy efficient products, and energy efficient technology. The National Electrical and Communications Associations (NECA)    and Electrical Communications Association (ECA) provide green training for Electrician Albert Park.

Once an Electrician Albert Park has completed their green training, they become accredited as a green electrician. An Electrician Albert Park must be licensed and fully qualified before taking any green courses.

Green Electrician Albert Park are useful to homeowners wanting to go green in many ways. They have the know how to do something as simple as advising a homeowner on energy efficient ways for their homes. Going green doesn’t have to be expensive or come in the way of a large project. A green Electrician Albert Park may suggest switching light bulbs to a lower wattage and buying energy efficient appliances like washers and dryers to electric can openers. Bigger steps to go green include installing solar hot water and solar panels. An accredited green Electrician Albert Park can install either one of these.

Green Electricians Albert Park know how to save homeowners money. They have the training to look at a homes energy usage and identify how the household can save money. Green accredited electricians are certified to install solar power systems, replace old wiring with new more efficient wiring, ensure the households connection to off peak electricity if it’s available in that area, and to reduce a household’s energy requirement as a whole.

For any Electrician Albert Park who wants to become an accredited green electrician, the Australian government provides federal funds for training through the Global Green Electricians program (GGE). Electricians must be ETREC members in order to qualify for training through the GGE. Electrician Albert Park who are members of the GGE can be found on the ETREC website under “Find a Green Electrician.”

The GGE program not only gives electricians a green accreditation, but awards a Level 1 Energy Assessor for audit, assessment, and inspection in renewable and energy efficiency, a certificate IV in Electrical-Photovoltaic Systems (solar Power), and a Victorian Height Safety Certification.

It’s easy to spot Electrician Albert Park GGE members through the GGE registered trademark and their legal promotion of their knowledge in energy efficiency. They may have also aligned their business through the ETREC and GGE brand.

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